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Womens sex toys – a helpful guide

Womens sex toys – a helpful guide

Have you ever been in an adult toyshop and seen the giant amount of choices with regard to womens sex toys? Yes, it can be daunting at best, as even many women themselves are thrown by all the choices and sometimes make the wrong guess as to which they’d really like.

The thing is that they seem to come in all manner of sizes, and they are made of such different materials. Not only is size a consideration but so are the bumps and hills and valleys worked into the toys themselves. Will a woman appreciate an S curve in a dildo, or would she prefer one that is almost an exact copy of a nicely erect member that is basically straight in its configuration? Would she appreciate glass more than she would more of a flesh-feeling dildo? Will the dildo feel better and create more satisfaction if it is also a vibrator, and if so will she appreciate a one speed or two speeds? Will this dildo be utilized by two women and not as a solitary pursuit? Then perhaps a two-headed dildo is what’s needed?

Guide To Choosing Womens Sex Toys

Thus, the needs of the woman in question are of extreme importance. Has she had many children and thus seemingly stretched inside and in need of an oversized dildo for true satisfaction? Perhaps she is very small in stature, and has never had children and thus is made very small inside and would prefer a normal sized dildo? Has the woman any allergies, especially to various kinds of rubber or synthetic materials?

Though many people give it no thought whatsoever, the very question of which lubricants will be utilized with female sex toys is of supreme importance. For instance, some preservatives and other common additives found in some lubricants, such as those containing glycerin, parabens, or propylene glycol have been known to actually create terrific allergies in the woman’s vulva. Other lubricants such as the use of petroleum jelly can when combined with condoms actually cause breakage due to the loss of elasticity occasioned by the petroleum jelly.

Another thing to consider is if silicone based lubricants are planned to be utilized with silicone adult toys for women. You see, often silicone with silicone destroys the product, thus rendering it terribly sticky as it begins to disintegrate. This alone can render a very nice toy into something that can cause tremendous problems inside a woman’s tender female organs.

Then on the other hand sometimes female masturbators are meant for other uses rather than introduction into the female’s pussy. Today’s women are only too aware of what anal sex is and what the feelings of anal sex are like, and thus may consider womens sex toys for anal sex, perhaps using a sex toy anally while the man utilizes her pussy so that she can feel the exhilaration of double entry which many women fantasize over. If you are purchasing sex toys for your woman, be sure and look at all of these factors prior to making your purchase so that you bring complete pleasure to her and not have a toy that’s going to remain at the bottom of the drawer where your adult toys are kept.

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