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Putting the buzz back in your love life with a vibration massager

Putting the buzz back in your love life with a vibration massager

Nowadays there are vibrating massage toy not just to massage you, but to cater for every part of your body, especially your erogenous zones. You have to decide first what type of experience you are looking for. If you want penetration and you want to give your G-spot a good workout, go for a vibrator with at least 4 to 5 inches of insertable length as well as a vibrator that stimulates the clit such as a rabbit vibrator which has the ability to play a dual role.

If like most women, you need more than just penetration or in fact no penetration in order to orgasm then a good quality clitoral vibration massager is the answer.

These toys can be enjoyed both externally and for penetration. Most of the better quality vibrators come with multi-speed controllers that enable you to explore your favorite vibe pattern and increase or decrease the speed at will so as to enjoy a slow and steady build up to your climax. You have to be careful how you go with sensual massage toys and not load on too much vibe too soon because if you over pump the power you can find yourself becoming numbed to the sensation after a while.

If you have never used a vibration massager before you need to be aware that the different speeds and pulsations can help prevent play from being too intense. Some toys can provide such an intense experience that orgasm can be knocking on the door after just a few minutes.

Motorized sensual massagers can massage every part of the body, but as both men and women have discovered, a toy for anal use can be an extremely pleasurable experience; especially if the vibration is enhanced by placing the palm of your hand on top of the vibrator to increase the vibes.

Surprisingly many women learn to love anal play and are willing to explore it provided things are taken carefully and slowly. With lots of patience and lube a toy used this way can be immensely pleasurable. It's also possible to try anal play with a partner. For this kind of sex play though it is very important that you chose a vibrator that has been specifically designed for anal use. These vibes are flared at the bottom to avoid the object being sucked up.

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