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Vibrating Underwear – A Fun and Versatile Toy

Vibrating Underwear – A Fun and Versatile Toy

The number of ways that sex toys can enhance your sex life is almost unlimited. From the most basic dildos and male masturbators to dildo machines and even wilder sex toys, there are so many options. In this article we’ll be talking about a unique type of sex toy – vibrating underwear. This toy is quite a bit different from many other options, because it’s something that you actually wear as opposed to something that you insert. So what is the appeal of vibrator panties, and how do you use them?

What makes this type of toy so enticing is mainly the fact that it is so discreet. You can wear panties that vibrate under your clothes and turn them on, enjoying some sexual pleasure while no one around you is the wiser. You can wear them out to dinner or even at work and be totally discreet. For many people this provides an exhibitionist thrill. The idea of being sexually pleasured out in broad daylight is a huge turn on for many people.

It doesn’t have to be about exhibitionism, however. A person can enjoy vibrating underwear in the comfort of their own home just as well. Wear them while doing your daily chores around the house and they won’t seem nearly so boring!

Vibrating undergarments offer even more exciting possibilities if they feature a remote function. With a remote control, the vibration can be controlled by another person. This heightens the excitement level because you’ll never know exactly when you’ll feel that pulse of pleasure. Imagine you’re out on the town with your boyfriend wearing a pair of these panties, and you’ve given him the remote. While you’re trying to order your dinner, he starts activating the remote in his pocket and you have to struggle to keep your composure as waves of pleasure shoot through you. For some people, this scenario would be a huge turn-on – for others it might be a little scary, which can be arousing in itself!

This type of panty is often used in BDSM relationships, where the dominant partner takes full control over his partner’s pleasure. It can be a very effective way to tease the submissive partner, even when the two people aren’t in the same room. Many versions of these panties are made of fetish materials like leather or latex, so they make a perfect fit for this lifestyle.

These sensual underwear aren’t for everyone, but they can make a fun addition to your toy collection if you like the idea of a toy that you can wear like you would normal clothes. There are a lot of opportunities to have fun with this type of toy and explore new scenarios, either solo or with a partner. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and experience what these exciting toys have to offer.

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