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Seven top tips female masturbation

Seven top tips female masturbation

No one sits you down at school or at home and says "Ok Julie, today we're going to learn some white hot tips female masturbation. Life doesn't work like that, so instead you have to discover these things for yourself and try them out in the privacy of your bedroom. Here are a handful of tips tried, tested and proven to bring a satisfied smile to your face.

Tap dance

A simple female pleasure tips: Use your index finger and middle finger to tap out a gentle rhythm on your clitoris. Vary the pressure and the speed. Your inner labia and clitoris will start to feel warm and well lubricated. The juices will start to flow, but just before you come, push two fingers inside yourself and rub the natural lubricant from inside of you onto your clitoris, then keep up the tap dance till you orgas.

This one's for you, Elvis

Start by yourself with your fingers in your favorite way. Then slowly contract your leg muscles so that pelvis mimics lovemaking with a partner. Rock yourself up and down, up and down, until you come.

Water rush

Tips female masturbation for the bathroom: Your shower head makes a great masturbation device. Take the shower head off of its hook and press it on your clitoris. Rub softly then rub firmly synchronizing your motions to escalate the masturbation experience.

'Ore O'

Make your first two fingers like the hard cookies that sandwich a creamy filling. Gently grip your clitoris between your first two fingers. With your other hand, start to stroke your clitoris. Keep up the pressure and speed until you come.

Palm me off

Another pointer for female self-pleasure is to use the palm of your outstretched hand, and to gently pat and then push down on your vagina. Continue with this rhythm until you begin to feel warm and excited. When you are almost to the end, just push and let go, push and let go, never letting your hand leave skin contact.

Can you dig it?

Masturbation tip for women number 6: With a vibrator start to mimic a gentle digging motion, and use the toy to play with your clitoris. Slide your vibrator down your clitoris, across and upward, then remove the vibrator entirely from your body. Keep digging until you hit gold.

Take your breath away

Try an electric toothbrush to stimulate your clitoris. Touch softly at first, and then as you get more excited, get into a rhythm of hard, soft, or medium pressure, just as if your were cleaning your teeth. Go up, down, all around, in little circles until it simply takes your breath away.

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