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The rabbit vibrators, why they are so hot

The rabbit vibrators, why they are so hot

There is a good chance that unless you are a female, you do not even know what this is all about, much less why it is so exciting to many women. Rabbit vibrators have taken the world in a storm of pleasure, sexual pleasure to be exact. You see, a rabbit vibrator will awaken many women to finding new orgasms that they never knew they could possess, much less experience over and over again and again!

So, now you are wondering, what is it that makes rabbit stimulators so unique and wonderful? Good question, and honestly it’s all in the design. You see a regular vibrator does one of two things, set off vibrations in the entire pussy, or two set off vibrations directly in the clitoris thus enabling the female to orgasm. Not all females do, but chances are pretty good that she will orgasm with a regular vibrator.

Now, instead look at the design of the rabbit to understand what it does: First it does have rabbit ears, and those ears have been so positioned that they go on either side of the female clitoris to rub it, excite it, and eventually help the female to have a tremendous orgasm. The material that the ears are made of will hold human heat, and are incredibly soft to the touch, yet can deliver a plethora of different vibrations from a tickle to “Whoa, Momma!” However, the female sex toys are so much more than a vibrator as you’ll see.

What Makes Rabbit Vibrators Special?

Next, the entire portion that is insertable can actually penetrate the female with a thrusting motion that is, to put it mildly, reminiscent of a tireless lover. Not only is the vibrator capable of thrusting, but there is still more excitement to it. In addition it can pleasure the entire vagina via the spinning beads that are said to feel like “something that cannot be described,” according to many women. Its large rounded head is of course especially designed to pleasure the G spot so that nothing is left to chance as far as engendering orgasms in the user.

There’s even more: many of them are totally waterproof, enabling you to bring your new friend into the bath with you or to the shower. As if that were not enough, the vibrator often comes with another attachment so that it can pleasure you anal area as well!

Are you beginning to see why the rabbit vibrators are making such a hit with the ladies? Now add the other points of this new vibrator, namely two strong but relatively quiet motors that allow the female to make a huge amount of changes in both speed and strength of vibrations. The variable speeds as well as the chance to change the pulsations are what’s rated highest by a greater majority of females. Imagine this undulating shaft inside of you while the clitoral stimulator does its job as well!

Thus a woman gets pulsation, as well as vibration all at the same time as well as those rotating pearls or bumps on the shaft that serve to being her to the nadir or excitement. Most couples agree that it has spiced up their sex life immensely!

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