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The female sex toys, what they are and why females want them

The female sex toys, what they are and why females want them

Time was when a female wanted female sex toys, it was all accomplished in a very hush-hush manner. Frequently many females would utilize the handle of their hairbrushes as a female toy, or some other household item that would not arouse suspicions of a female utilizing such a thing. Interestingly enough adult sex toys go way back in history and many articles for just such feminine pleasure have been found in many artifacts going back in time to even the B.C. years. After all, even then, the men were the hunters, and thus away from their caves for long periods of time until they could nail the particular mastodon they were in search of. Thus, long ago toys for females existed and were prominently utilized.

Today these toys have come a long way, baby! Today they are made of different materials than back in history, and today we even have toys that warm with the body’s heat, and thus feel more like the real thing! In addition, science has delved deeply into what pleases a woman, and therefore such toys are now made that fit better in her body, and sometimes even have specific movements that are created to bring forth extraordinary pleasure.

Although we are an enlightened society as far as female masturbation goes, one can still find tiny little vibrators that are disguised as other things. These particular items come to mind – Life Savers that are actually a vibrator – a tiny vibrator that looks like a lipstick to the unpracticed eye – and even vibrating panties that look like ordinary panties!

Who Uses Female Sex Toys For Masturbation?

Today we have objects like vibrating clit climaxers that actually fit right on milady’s clit and can take her to orgasms after orgasms. Let’s not forget the old standby of some sort of dildo.

Ah, but even there, dildos are now made so that they rub against the clitoris rather than excite her by filling her up inside, and some are twisted in such a manner as to reach her G spot if that’s the experience she’s after. There are dildos that are specifically made to let her have the thrust she may be seeking, and there are dildos made especially for those desiring anal experiences.

Female pleasure toys have a huge range today, from the ubiquitous rabbits now being sold that do everything but make morning coffee to double headed dildos utilized by females seeking to have double the pleasure with their sexy female friends. And now we even have glow in the dark vibrators available or glow in the dark dildos. That must be for those with a “Casper” sexual fetish, huh?

The point is that no matter what your sexual experience is, and no matter what your sexual fantasy calls for, today it’s available. All it takes is a bit of looking about to find the perfect female sex toys.

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