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Silicone Sex Toys Provide Excitement and Better Pleasure with Less Maintenance

Silicone Sex Toys Provide Excitement and Better Pleasure with Less Maintenance

I get the opportunity to review a lot of different sex toys which is always an interesting experience. While these objects of pleasure have many benefits, for some people they also present health issues and require a certain amount of maintenance. The material that the sex toy is made from needs to be considered before purchasing and instructions on keeping the device clean and sanitary to use should also be provided. Silicone sex toys were developed as the answer to both of these issues.

For many years the pliable sex toys were made from latex however today, it has been discovered that many pleasure seekers experienced an allergic reaction. For these individuals the sex toy manufacturing industry responded by creating an alternative: today silicone sensual aids are fast becoming the preferred choice.

I decided to investigate and find out what this meant in terms of the pleasure this type of sex toy would provide as well as the advantages of using a silicone sex toy over one created from latex. These toys are more expensive because of its durability, performance and quality. It has changed the way sex toys are made; allowing for more realistic detail.

Expand Your Pleasure Options by Using Silicone Sex Toys

But much to my surprise, pleasure toys made of silicone are not brand new; in the 1980s the first toys made from this material. Today there is a great selection of this category of sex toys that are available in very soft to very hard styles. And I must say that for greater satisfaction, if you want to ensure the optimum experience when you use a sex toy, silicone material has been proven to provide the most comfort during penetration as well as a higher level of stimulation.

So itís easy to see why these toys are so popular: even for individuals who have no problem using latex sex toys, these quality adult accessories are in great demand because they require very little maintenance and can last a lifetime. Which brings us to the matter of hygiene: according to best practices make sure that you clean your sex toys after every use regardless if they are made from latex or silicone.

Silicone erotic toys are in fact the easiest to clean with an antiseptic solution for toys with moving parts or by boiling in water for 3-5 minutes for one-piece toys. It is extremely important to both clean and sterilize these sex toys to prevent transmitting infections.

The advantages of using these toys include health benefits as well as pleasure; user do not have to worry about bacteria, toxins or unpleasant orders unlike latex sex toys that smell like rubber. Because of these features, the most experienced sex toy users will only purchase silicone sex toys. And if you are feeling inventive, you can even create your own sex toys; with the materials easily to purchase, homemade sex toys or novelties made from silicone is a snap.

But a word of caution is necessary, if you decide that these are the sex toys that you want to use, you must be careful to only use water-based lubricants. When it comes to enhancing your experience with a sex lube, steer clear of any that contain silicone to avoid damaging this expensive sex toy.

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