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The silicone dildos, the safest and the most durable toys in the market

The silicone dildos, the safest and the most durable toys in the market

A silicone sex toy can be used by both men and women of all sexual orientations. In the 1990s, the silicone dildos have become popular, a trend that has continued today as it is now one of the reasonably priced sex toys found in the market. These toys are hypoallergenic and have no smell, no taste, and are bleachable, boilable and dishwasher safe. Silicone or semi-organic polymer is non-porous, durable material compared to the cheap, unsafe jelly rubber that most dildos are made of thus it is one of the best sex toy materials however due to the nature of the material, it is not recommended to be used with oil-based lubricants. Some silicone sex toys are made water proof, they are ideal for submerging and using out of the water to produce warm pleasant sensations. This type of dildo is one of the bests as it is easy to maintain and can easily be found in sex shops and stores.

Some people use their silicone dildos in a fetishistic manner, they may be used in foreplay to add excitement or they can be used for oral penetration or artificial fellatio, masturbation, g-spot stimulation or for other sexual activity. The user(s) can explore varied ways on how to use it to add excitement to their usual sex practices. The use of dildos has become more popular especially in the vast spread of sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed on by having multiple sex partners.

Erotic silicone toys can also be used as a butt-plug, when inserted in the anus and remain there for quite some period of time. But to be able to safely use it in anal play, make sure your toy has a flared base. There are also double-ended silicone phalluses, with varying sized shafts pointing in the same direction, especially designed to be used by women to achieve both anal and vaginal penetration at once. Two partners may also share a single double-ended dildo, which to this effect, the dildo may act as a see-saw, and each partner takes an end and receives stimulation. This can definitely send a multitude of sensations to attain the highest level of sexual satisfaction; an experience that will add more meaning to the word "sex toy."

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