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What are the different sex toys vibrators?

What are the different sex toys vibrators?

Sex toys vibrators are special devices specifically intended to cause vibration against the skin and the body to stimulate nerve endings for a pleasurable feeling, but they can do more than! The can be inserted into some erogenous parts of the body for erotic stimulation! If you've been using one type of sex toy vibrator, then you have to read and learn about the different types of female sensual toys.

  1. Clitoral sex toy vibrator - a clitoral sex toy vibrator is a type of sex toy mainly used for sexual pleasure and to enhance clitoris orgasm. This sex toy is available in different shapes, textures, and colors. There is also a special type designed for dual stimulation of the vagina and clitoris.
  2. Dildo-shaped sex toy vibrator - it has a penis shape and is usually made of silicone, plastic, vinyl, rubber, or latex. The term 'dildo' is commonly used to refer to phallus-like sex toys which do not provide vibrations. However, as vibrators commonly have a penis shape, there are a lot of designs and models of dildo-shaped toys available these days.
  3. Waterproof sex toy vibrator - other sex toys vibrators cannot be used in wet environment; however, as its name suggests, it is intentionally designed to be used in wet environments like pool and shower.
  4. Rabbit sex toy vibrator - this sex toy is two-pronged to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina simultaneously. It became popular when it was shown in one episode of the Sex and the City. It actually consists of 2 vibrators with different size. Its phallus-shaped vibrator can be inserted inside the vagina for vaginal stimulation while its clitoral stimulator faces the main vibrator forward for clitoral stimulation. This type is often made of jelly, rubber, latex, and silicone.
  5. G-spot sex toy vibrator - this resembles the traditional sex toy vibrator except that it has a curve and jelly-like coating to make g-spot stimulation easier. As its name suggests, this type of sex toy is especially designed for g-spot stimulation.
  6. Anal sex toy vibrator - these erotic vibes are specifically designed to stimulate the anal. They either have a long handle or a flared base to prevent the device from slipping inside and becoming stuck in the rectum.
  7. Dual area sex toy vibrator - these vibrating erotic toys are specifically designed for simultaneous stimulation of two erogenous zones. They can be in the form of a vaginal and clitoral stimulator.

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