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Sex tips for women who think they know what it takes to turn men on

Sex tips for women who think they know what it takes to turn men on

Women love to read magazines and newspaper articles that dole out loads of free advice. And nowhere is the advice freer and more liberal than on sex tips for women. Of course some of the sex tips for women are based on good practical advice, while others are plainly strange, overly feminist or just misguided.

We are all wired up to enjoy sex differently so for each of the sex pointers for females that are given, especially in relation to how to turn on a man, it could be argued that just the opposite advice could work as well if not a whole lot better.

For example, many women's magazines will encourage women to exude an air of confidence and sexual aggression and to take control in the bedroom. No doubt about it, some guys love that, but then a great many guys would say the best erotic advice for women in this context is to appear demure and innocent. Sweet vulnerability turns men on as much as some guys love a confident commanding lover.

Other sex tips for women frequently handed down is to talk dirty as he makes love, but to talk dirty to some guys will have them running for the door believing they have got themselves hooked up with some trash talking bad girl their mother must never meet.

Some sexual advice for women tells them not to let the man touch her, to push his hands away so that he feels he is the one being dominated. This of course may work for some guys with a BDSM kink, but the majority of guys want to grab some flesh and won't take kindly to being pushed away from squeezing a breast or slapping a butt cheek.

Advice columns often encourage the woman to be seductive, and to do the seducing. Again, it really depends how this is handled. The truth is, most men like to do the seducing, and in the wrong hands, a woman trying to do the seducing can appear cheap, overly voracious or simply chock full of all the wrong signals. So the best idea is not to go into the bedroom with preconceived ideas gathered from the pages of Cosmopolitan and a handful of websites, but to observe and explore. Most men are more than happy to take the lead and tell a woman what turns him on. Once you have picked up these custom tips from your own partner, you won't put a foot wrong.

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