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Realistic vibrators are becoming ever more real

Realistic vibrators are becoming ever more real

It's hard to improve on nature, but realistic vibrators try very hard, and some do come mighty close to recreating the look and even the feel of the real thing. These toys are so called because they are very realistic. They look like a penis, they feel like a penis, they can even taste like a penis. In fact the only thing real-feeling vibrators don't do is get shoved back into a pair of pants, zipped up and locked away as soon as the loving is over. You have no doubt experienced that exasperating situation more than once or twice. You want to make love, you want it to be slow and loving and not rushed, but for many men, that is not being realistic. They want it now and they want it fast. That's where the relsitc vibrator really scores.

There is any number of realistic vibrators out there, really far more than you would ever want to think about. Every leading manufacturer and a whole foot busting directory of lesser known manufacturers of sex toys produce a dazzling range of them. And why is that? It's because most women love the sensation of a realistic dong, in fact for many women they will only choose a vibrator that's as close as possible to a real penis! The makers of these toys know exactly what sells. They want you to be drooling with pleasure when you hold and use the vibrator, so many of their products are molded from porn stars or an actual erect penis and then individually and meticulously hand crafted and colored for ultra realism!

You can choose your skin color, from ivory through to ebony, and your size, from a modest 5" insertable length to a positively insane 18 inches of vibrating flesh colored cock constructed from new and supple skin-like materials such as CyberSkin that convincingly warm to the touch and capture a real penis' firm but fleshy texture, with every vein, bulge and crease faithfully and painstakingly recaptured right down to a pair of hefty balls, and with the big advantage that this toy vibrates.

Once you see authentic vibrating toys standing proudly to attention in their transparent display boxes it's enough to make you want to take it off the shelf there and then and plunge it into your vagina or anus just to experience that real cock feel. There are designers, engineers and back room boffins out there right now experimenting with materials and mechanics and dimensions to ensure that the toy feels so convincingly real that you won't believe you don't have a real cock penetrating you! Never mind 'I can't believe it's not butter', try one of these babies and it will be a case of 'I can't believe it's not a penis'!

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