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Breeding like rabbit vibrators

Breeding like rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators rank top on the list of sex playthings that offer a woman extreme sexual satisfaction. The most interesting thing about these sex toys is that they have the ability to arouse the vagina and clitoris simultaneously. Sounds interesting right? Thus, if you still don't have one or are planning to have on but have no idea on how to use rabbit sex toys, read on.

The first thing you have to remember about these sex toys is to know the side to be used in the vagina and these side to stimulate the clitoris. This is an easy task since the side used in the vagina looks like a penis while the part used to stimulate the clitoris looks like rabbit ears. It is very important to first check if the electric batteries have been installed appropriately; otherwise, your rabbit toy won't be able to function as you expected and desired.

Most rabbit vibrators in market come with different controls and degrees for both clitoral stimulation and vaginal insertion. This only signifies that you have to know which level of the toy is appropriate for any of the functions before trying to use it on your own or with your partner.

Once you are ready to use a rabbit sex aids whether with a partner or alone, make sure to use a water-based personal lubricant onto the vibrator part that looks like a penis. Most rabbit sex toys are also waterproof. In addition, many women discover that using a top quality arousal lubricant or gel under the clitoris' hood stimulates and elevates the sexual pleasure the rabbit ears add as the clitoris is being stimulated.

After applying the necessary lubricants, just insert the shaft of your toy into your vagina sensuously with the bunny facing upwards. The bunny ears should be aligned with the clitoris and if your toy has revolving beads, the beads should be close to the vaginal opening.

When you get the right position, it's time to switch on your sex toy to start the shakiness or vibration. First, make the rabbit erotic toys revolve at a minimum speed while slowly incrementing the degree or level of intensity until you get your desired tempo. While using your toy, make sure to feel and enjoy the pleasure. After use, do not forget to clean your rabbit sex toy. Remove the batteries from it and keep your toy at a safe and clean place.

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