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Why do so any women use a rabbit toy?

Why do so any women use a rabbit toy?

A rabbit toy is one form of women's sex toys. It has a tiny bunny attached to a dildo. The rabbit form comes with gelatinous ears that stimulate the clit through vibration as the tip of the dildo is inserted into the vagina. There are different reasons why a lot of women turn to using a rabbit dildo. Read on to know what these reasons are.

  1. It provides an easy way to reach female orgasm. A lot of women face the same problem of not reaching orgasm. In fact, 30% of women in the US do not experience female orgasm without massaging or stimulating their clitoris. With a rabbit vibrator massaging and stimulating your clitoris, you can expect to reach female orgasm the easy way.
  2. A rabbit toy is easier to deal with than a man. Well, admit the fact that you cannot tell your man to stay steady when you need him to but your rabbit vibrator will always do as long as you need it to be for you to reach female orgasm.
  3. It excites your vagina. Because a rabbit vibrator comes with a miniature rabbit and a dong shaft, you get more sensation and a more exciting feeling whenever you thrust it inside your vagina.
  4. It serves as a dual-adult toy. One of the best features of a rabbit vibrator is that it vibrates several erogenous zones simultaneously. It is its excellent tactic to make you enjoy several female orgasms even with only one sexual encounter.
  5. It offers consistent clitoral orgasms - the bunny ears of the rabbit vibrator stimulate and excite the erogenous zones surrounding the clitoris to bring you a clitoral orgasm. A lot of women face the problem of not reaching orgasm when they have sex because to reach clitoral female orgasm, a cock needs to be connected to the top of the vaginal region. However, this doesn't always happen properly, causing a lot of women to be left unfulfilled and unsatisfied with the conventional sex.
  6. It hits the g-spot - a rabbit sex aid easily hits the g-spot while others do not. This is because the location of the g-spot has lots of nerve endings and thus is very sensitive to direct stimulation and massage. Since a rabbit vibrator contains a cock that twists and turns in a way that massages and stimulates the g-spot, it becomes easy for it to hit the g-spot.

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