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Nipple toys that pinch, tweak, suck and caress

Nipple toys that pinch, tweak, suck and caress

Nipple play and stimulation is an important part of lovemaking for many women, and there are a wide variety of nipple toys on the market designed to perform a variety of roles. Some pinch, some pump, some tweak, some enlarge, some convincingly caress and suckle, while some clamp painfully for those into sado-masochistic game play.

The nipple suckers and pumps are designed to increase blood flow to the nipple, thereby increasing size and sensitivity and making the nipples become as erect and as large as cigar butts. Some women report being able to bring themselves to orgasm through mere nipple play, but in order to enhance the session, some of the bestselling nipple stimulators can certainly make a big difference. Here is a small selection of what is available on the market. Many online sex stores stock a wide and exhaustive range of nipple toys.

Titty Teasers

These erotic nipple teasers from Toy Joy make nipples more pert and increase the intense sensations of stimulation. They attach to the nipples with the use of small pumps on the side to make a seal and pull the nipples erect. One the Titty Teaser nipple toy is fully pumped vibrator can be switched on to produce a vibe on both nipples.

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers

This nipple toy has not one but three mini vibrators. The toy is cupped over the nipples, then the cupped Clit Suck-Her is placed over the clitoral area. Then the ball is pumped until the suckers stay in place. This gives a two way effect of stimulating suction and titillating vibration through the clitoris while the nipple suckers continue to stimulate the nipples.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

This toy is designed make the nipples tingle with micro vibrating wireless nipple clamps. They are fully adjustable to fit even the largest of nipples and with a soft internal jelly pad designed to prevent nipple chaffing. A one speed vibration speed sends sensations everywhere around the breasts and nipples.

Metal Nipple/Labia Clamps with Leash

For a more kinky twist to nipple clamps, these one are designed to clamp either the nipples or the labia and it is possible for the woman to then be lead around on a leash. The clamps deliver a powerful pinch to the skin.

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