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How to perform nipple stimulation

How to perform nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation - it sounds so simple; however, this involves more than just touching the nipples. While it is a part of the foreplay, it requires foreplay of its own. To learn how to perform nipple play, read on.

Before you start stimulating the nipples, make sure to spend a few minutes in kissing with each other (if you are doing it with a partner) or simply massaging your breasts and other parts of the body (if you are doing it alone). After spending some good minutes in these foreplay steps, it's time to focus on playing with the nipples. Well, the kind of attention you need to pay to these love buttons is very important. It is important to avoid using excessive force because this will cause pain and will not work well and effectively at all. Make sure not to do tugging, pulling, and twisting. There are two motions that you can do to perform a nipple stimulation that will drive yourself (if you are a woman) or your woman insane with pleasure and ecstasy through playing with her nipples (if you are a man).

The first motion is called the slight-back-and-forth motion. This involves grasping the nipples using your thumb and index fingers. In a gentle motion and speed, rotate the nipples back and forth like you are dialing on an old telephone or stereo cassette tape. Make sure not to get too excited and you don't want to end up pinching the nipples. You should create friction either. Your grip on the nipples should be very light so that you won't be working around their sides and working on and off them with your fingers. This gentle motion must be done very slowly. You shouldn't speed up.

If you are doing it with a partner, you can also use your tongue in combination with the fingers as your tongue is the best weapon to make your partner reach this nipple orgasm. With your tongue, you can increase the speed and drive your partner through the roof by giving her the orgasmic pleasure. To use your tongue in nipple teasing, you can start by flicking the nipple lightly for 2 minutes or so then sucking the breast with your mouth, making sure the flesh around your nipple is circled with your tongue. Do this in an alternating motion of flicking and sucking. After 5 minutes or so, you will surely have your partner squirming in extreme pleasure!

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