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Guide to masturbation female pleasure

Guide to masturbation female pleasure

The masturbation female practice is the perfect way for a woman to explore her body and embrace her sexual freedom by giving the ability to experience sexual thrill and sensation without the need to depend on a partner. A lot of women depend on their partners for sexual pleasure simply because they don't want to explore the fun of female masturbation. However, masturbation is simply not for fun and pleasure, it also increases your control over your body and sexuality. In addition, it allows you to learn more about your own body and understand how it reacts to sexual stimulation.

Some women do not reach orgasm through any sexual activities with their partner; thus, masturbation becomes the only way to reach climax. Even those who reach orgasm find that orgasm through their women’s masturbation practice is more intense because they can freely provide their body and sexuality with the physical/mental/emotional stimulation they need without putting into consideration what their partner needs. However, when masturbating, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and this is possible through the following:

  1. Set the Mood - to enjoy the masturbation female experience, you need to be in an environment without any distraction. Make sure to lock the door, turn the phone off, listen to some music or do anything that would make you feel comfortable before starting. Giving yourself a little time is definitely not a selfish act. Choose a room where you would feel comfortable. You can use your bedroom or bathroom but any place where you would be comfortable and relax is ideal.
  2. Give yourself Enough Time - the feminine masturbation practice is not a thing to rush. As a matter of fact, you will discover that if you don't rush and just tease yourself slowly as you caress and stimulate yourself to female orgasm, you are likely to experience longer-lasting and more intense orgasms.
  3. Experiment - believe it or not, no two women are exactly alike, not physically and not sexually! With the different female self-pleasure practices, there would definitely some methods or practices that are bound to work for you and not for others and there are some that are bound to work for others and not for you. Don't be afraid to try out new things. After all, sexuality is a journey and epic quest. Explore new fantasies and you will surely have a whole new exciting world of female masturbatory pleasure.

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