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The 5 best features of a jack rabbit

The 5 best features of a jack rabbit

The Jack rabbit is a phallic-shaped rotator and vibrator attached with a clitoral stimulator. This sex toy has started gaining popularity after it was shown in one of the episodes of Sex and the City season 1. However, aside from this, this rabbit model has become really popular because of its features that give the user extreme thrill, sensation and pleasure. Here are these 5 features:

  1. The Vibration Function - jack rabbits are popular for providing the user with superior stimulation. They can increase vibration levels and shift between multiple speeds making them more convenient to use even by beginners and experts. Its shaft stimulates the vagina while its vibrating bunny ears work on the clitoris to facilitate simultaneous orgasm.
  2. Design - jack rabbit vibrators come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The attached bunny ear can be easily substituted with different styles such as the butterfly wings, bottlenose dolphin, fruit shapes, or anything that can provide clitoral stimulation. There are also models with longer shafts for people who prefer deeper penetration. There are also waterproof and G-spot models available in the market today.
  3. Multiple Functions - many tasks can be performed by a this version of the rabbit. Some of the tasks it performs are solo vaginal stimulation and simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. This sex toy is also known for its versatility as it can be used in different ways such as hooking the bunny ears to the body's most sensitive areas or it can work in combination with the vibrating head and shaft.
  4. Convenience the toy is extremely easy to operate. You just have to be familiar with the devise and you can definitely start enjoying using it. Its storage is also simple as it can fit easily into your drawers, shoeboxes, or any where you wish to keep it. It is also easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Durability the rabbit sex toy is durable and is built to last. It might be more expensive than other types of vibrators but it's worth it since it is built to last. Cheap vibrators malfunction when you need them. In the end, they are costly and are frustrating. Thus, you have to make sure that you only buy a sex toy that can last for long and can withstand the requirements of the pleasure you need. Combine all these things and you will definitely understand why this sex toy is getting more and more popular each day!

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