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The Art of Mastubation as One Way to Show Love for Yourself

The Art of Mastubation as One Way to Show Love for Yourself

As the person becomes aware of their sexuality and the way society views sex in general, they begin to understand how the word “masturbation” is used to define the act of pleasuring their own body.

On one hand the way the term “self love” is used in information provided to people about their behavior and the way they feel about themselves, is that it’s a good thing to love yourself and have a positive attitude about your body. On the other hand it seems as though there is a distinction between loving yourself and touching your body in a loving way.

The question that comes to mind is whether or not it is correct to apply this term to the act of loving yourself? The crux of the matter lies in the definition and source of the words “self love” and “masturbation.”

Taken at face value the definition of the term “self love” it’s very simple to understand; it means “to have affection for your own being.” The fact that this term through history has been construed to mean something else is one of the factors that have played a role in numerous cases of mental disorders, sexual dysfunction and general disharmony in society.

According to research the word has its origins in the term “Onanism” from the name Onan, the man who is related as the first to perform the common form of birth control called coitus interruptus.

According to the Biblical story, this was an act of disobedience; Onan was told to marry his brother’s widow to carry on the family line. But even though he married her, he did not want to have children with her, and used the sexual act for pleasure only, withdrawing from the woman at the point of ejaculation.

Why is it important to understand the origin of the word? Because when you have an understanding of the origin of the word and the story behind it; it’s clear that this has very little to do with the act of touching your own body and the feelings that are generated by it.

Although the term “self love” is also applied as one of the meanings of self-touching, the question is whether or not that is an accurate association. Today this term is used to mean the act of stimulating your body for sexual pleasure. Both of the word “sex” and “self-pleasure” have been used interchangeably for centuries. In the simplest way of looking at human existence it has been proven by medical science that the skin is the largest organ of the human body and also the most sensitive to stimuli. Science has also discovered that the relationship between our sense of touch and our ability to live are dependent on each other.

Before a person becomes aware of the various labels, terms and associations applied to the normal, natural instincts of the human being the different aspects of a person’s existence such as the mental, physical and emotional all work together in harmony.

When you use the labels and definitions applied by society to the way we live, deal with our own body and interact with others life becomes much more complicated because of the disconnect between the internal reality the person is feeling and the external pressure to conform to society.

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