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Increase Your Pleasure by Changing Your Perspective About Sex Toys

Increase Your Pleasure by Changing Your Perspective About Sex Toys

A lot of people tell me that they use sex toys with their partners or even when they are alone; vibrators are very popular and today quite a few people are experimenting with objects of pleasure for role playing in submission and dominance.

Every time the subject of intimacy comes up in discussion, I always talk about using imagination. A sex toy is not just what you find in the sex shop; there are many everyday items that can be used to enhance the sexual experience. And because itís a physical experience everything that influences the five senses can be used to build up erotic excitement and physical pleasure.

One of my favorite alternative ways of thinking of sexual aids which I find very sensual is to use different textures of material to stimulate the body in a certain way. For example, to excite the sense of touch you could use luxurious fabrics such as silk, leather or feathers as a way to stimulate the nerve endings of the body. The skin is the largest organ of the body and the feeling of laying on satin or silk sheets, leather or faux fur provides a stimulating foundation for all types of sexual activity.

Try a Different Approach to Your Idea to What Can be Used as Sex Toys

For the purpose of adult intimate playtime, erotic toys donít necessarily have to be a physical object either, they can activities as well. A lot of people think that they have to take lessons to give an erotic massage. But that is not necessary; the most important thing in giving a sensual massage is to pay attention to the way your loverís body feels so that you can soothe away tension and provide an overall pleasurable experience. Using sesame oil with a drop of fragrant rose or lavender essential oil to massage yourself or your partner can be a soothing and relaxing treat that relieves stress and restores mental balance.

I like to combine different elements together when itís time for me and my partner to have some private time and I find that certain music can really be helpful when we want to try something different. Music can be highly erotic and sexually stimulate you and your partner to higher passion. When it comes to the sense of taste, we naturally think of food but I think that one of the best ways to use food is as an appetizer during foreplay. Itís really a lot of fun to use delectable items as a way to tease and please sexually and there are other edible sex enhancers; candy panties is a nice one that adds to sexual fun. Although I have used honey to make my partner moan in ecstasy, be sure to only use a little bit unless you have a lot of time to lick it off. My partner and I have also used chocolate or fruit syrup as body paint to play a sensual game of ďtic-tac-toe.Ē

Our vision is sensitive to lighting; for most people a romantic setting means a room filled with candlelight. But you can also use lava lights or colored light bulbs and achieve a completely different but still romantic atmosphere.

Last but not least I think that one of the best ways to fully round out the romantic setting is with perfume. Thinking in terms of toys there are certain flowers that are automatically associated with love and romance and in the case of roses itís not just folklore; rose oil has been used to soothe the heart and excite desire for many years. Lying in a bed of rose petals or used as incense or for massage, this fragrance always puts me in a romantic mood and helps me relax and enjoy pleasure more. Of course these are only a few suggestions of things that I have used; take a look around your house to see what type of items you can use as to make your intimate playtime enjoyment even better.

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