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Create Multiple Streams of Pleasure Using a Variety of Women Sex Toys

Create Multiple Streams of Pleasure Using a Variety of Women Sex Toys

Most people enjoy adorning their body and sexual jewellery can provide visual excitement and physical stimulation even when no one is physically touching your body. Add women sex toys to the mix and you have the recipe for some seriously sexy encounters. Erotic jewellery is now available in styles for people who like the non-pierced style as well as those who prefer the pierced style.

Just as earrings bring a different perspective to the face, nipple rings add a new dimension of beauty to the breast. When you use the Ladygasm Rose vibrator you can add more sensual delight to this very sensitive area of your body. For some women, breast stimulation not only adds to their excitement itís a powerful key to their psyche and sexuality. And if youíre in the mood to let your hair down and play, hand over your vibrator and let your lover have the pleasure of tickling the tip of your nipple with it when you wear this jewellery as a delicious turn on to start his juices flowing.

As a sex toy they are designed to gently apply pressure and stimulate the nerve endings in what sexologists have called "a woman's second clitoris" because some women can achieve orgasm by nipple stimulation alone. When you use female pleasure toys that stimulate the G-spot and clitoris, try tweaking your nipples at the same time and see how it feels for yourself. There are quite a few women that say they believe the nerves between the nipples and clitoris are connected because using nipple rings or clamps provides a unique sensation in the clitoris as well.

Imagine combining this feeling with the power of one of the Ladygasm toys like the Super Bullet or G-spot Buzz vibrator. With sensations coming in from multiple erogenous zones your orgasms will be simply out of this world.

Turn up Your Loverís Excitement Level with Women Sex Toys

Nipple rings are a titillating way to keep your body stimulated when they are used for auto eroticism. Some women find that masturbating with the Ladygasm G-spot vibrator and wearing tight fitting lingerie like lace-up corsets adds more zing to produce really awesome orgasms. And hereís a secret: some men enjoy the exciting feeling that nipple rings produce as well. Partners can use any of the variety of these sex toys to add an edge to their lovemaking or go all the way to kinky with some of the complementary girlsí sensual toys.

Sex doesnít always start in the bedroom; if you subscribe to the idea that sex begins in the mind, then exciting the imagination is one way to ensure passionate flirting and foreplay that provide lots of opportunities to put erotic toys for women through their paces. Wearing nipple rings under a sheer blouse can be deliciously provocative and a real turn on when you're out on a sexy date. Some of the newest designs come with dangles like earrings; they add movement and visual interest while you do a slow striptease dance in private for your lover. Sex toy body jewellery can enhance your mood, your pleasure and your wardrobe all at the same time! It's an empowering way to stay in touch with your sexuality in a discreet manner.

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