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Ensure Your Pleasure in Comfort for Total Satisfaction with a Sexual Lubricant

Ensure Your Pleasure in Comfort for Total Satisfaction with a Sexual Lubricant

My girlfriend and I were talking the other day about different ways to make sex more comfortable. Itís not just about which position you choose to have sex, itís also about reducing friction.

Although using a sexual lubricant to enhance erotic pleasure is not new, the quality of the products are better now than ever before. Whenever my boyfriend and I get together, if we really want to have a good time we know that there are certain things we have to have to be truly comfortable and in the mood. Especially for myself if Iím uncomfortable physically I just canít get turned on.

Like a lot of people who regularly use a sensual lube during intimacy, we tried several before we found the one that works best for us. Using the right one is especially important when you use sex toys. After trying different types we liked a lubricant that is more like a lotion the most. We discovered that it has a creamy texture; it delights the senses and the lubrication lasts for hours.

So the question is which one do you choose; the brand name is really not the most important thing to look for, what matters are the ingredients. We liked the one that is made with organic ingredients the best.

There are quite a few companies that produce the nonoxynol-9 and glycerin-free lubricating gel that use water, silk lipids and botanical extracts to create the silky formula that enhances physical pleasure. When we used it during foreplay and sexual intercourse it really reduced the friction. Iíve found it to be very sensitive to the touch and what I really liked about it was that this formula is also bio-static which means that there is a reduced possibility of yeast infection.

Choose a Sexual Lubricant to Improve Your Orgasms

When it comes to this particular accessory for intimacy, as an erotic lube, I think itís best to choose one that odorless with a thin consistency to allow natural sensations to come through during intercourse. This type of lubricant also is great for use in massage, and can be used with toys depending on how much lubrication you desire.

A water based product will score high points for being easy to use and performance; they are an excellent choice for extended love sessions to ensure sexual satisfaction. The most outstanding feature to look for in a personal lubricant is its ability to retain its creaminess without getting sticky. If you are looking for a versatile lubricant you can depend on, be sure to choose one that is free of glycerin, this is the preferred choice for many lovers.

But my girlfriend was very surprised to hear that a lube can be used for massage as well as for intimate contact. Besides that she thought all lubricants were the same; she had no idea that using the wrong lubricant could damage her sex toys.

Why is a water-based formula the best? In my opinion, itís because this type of product blends effortlessly with your body's own secretions that are produced when you're sexually aroused without any unpleasant odor or taste. Beside that you donít have to interrupt your activity to apply more of it, every time you change positions during sex you need enough lubrication to ensure that the sensation is exciting and not irritating. Our choice of a water-based lubricant really made a difference in our experience and made the physical enjoyment last a lot longer too.

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