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Using Female Sex Toys to Discover New Orgasms

Using Female Sex Toys to Discover New Orgasms

As far as sexual satisfaction is concerned, once you have experienced an orgasm you have not experienced it all; orgasms come in different flavours just like the things that turn you on sexually. Female sex toys are available to excite different parts of the body just for this reason. Masturbating with your hand and fingers will produce one kind of orgasm, but use a rabbit vibrator and just feel the difference in the orgasm that follows.

It is this never ending potential of bigger, better, more intense, more satisfying orgasms that makes using womenís pleasure toys such a thrill. You canít help but wonder how your orgasm will feel if you use the Ladygasm Rush for anal play. Or if using the Rabbit Vibrator Pump will get you off faster than using the G-spot Rabbit Vibrator Plus.

So many fantasies can be generated just by looking at the variety of products that are available that it makes it time you try a new one that much more interesting, especially when you start using them together in different combinations. You will discover ways of sparking new orgasms that will surprise and delight your senses.

Female Sex Toys that Satisfy the Libido

There is a certain feeling a woman gets that may be hard to put into words, but when you are using girlsí erotic toys itís easy to identify. Sexual excitement has different stages; and how they progress depends on what you do about your horniness. If you masturbate then the skyís the limit, if you are with a partner then you have to consider how sexually excited they are too.

Part of the libido is the stuff that turns you on and the other part is how you satisfy it. If you get excited faster visually, then the rabbit dildo will prove to be very stimulating because itís made from a human model. The Ladygasm Alex is ideal for women who like deep penetration and the Ladygasm Brian is perfect for women who prefer fullness.

On the other hand if you are an action oriented woman, the rabbit vibrator pump will give you plenty of movement to stimulate you much like a male partner would do. The desire for action can also be met with the Orgasm Accelerator or the Ladygasm Surprise Turbo.

If you like deep penetration, the G-spot rabbit vibrator plus is built to stimulate this secret area inside the vagina and spark the powerfully intense orgasms that every woman deserves to feel completely sexually satisfied.

The ladiesí masturbators you choose help you to become a better lover because you learn more about what pleases you by using them regularly. Thereís no need to be in doubt when you are with a partner for the first time, you donít need to waste time on things that donít turn you on and get frustrated your partner doesnít know what pleases you.

You can learn more about your body by giving it pleasure with toys and then when you are with a partner, share knowledge with them and benefit even more from the experience. Another way to make partner sex work is to introduce them to using sex toys with you for mutual pleasure.

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