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How to find her g-spot

How to find her g-spot

Women can have several different types of orgasms, but perhaps the most significant of all is her G-spot orgasm. But to achieve this takes a certain level of skill. Fortunately we know the tricks of the trade and will share them with you. If you are a woman and you are reading this article you should print it out and let them man in your life read it. You never know, he might actually learn something useful.

The first thing to know is that her special spot isn't actually a spot, it's an entire zone located around two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina (under her stomach). You will know you are there because it feels a little like the roof of your mouth behind your teeth.

Stimulation of her G-spot is not achieved solely through sexual penetration. Other factors should be considered such as the sexual position, her level of arousal, as well as the size of both your genitals. The ideal way to stimulate her orgasm button is by using your fingers or with a good quality sex toy.

Before stimulating the spot, however, most women prefer to have their clitoris stimulated first. After stimulation of the clitoris it will become very sensitive and that is the signal to move to the G-spot.

To gain easy and comfortable access to her grafenburg spot, it is essential to be well positioned to do so. The best position is in the doggy-style position.

If you are using your fingers, the motion that works best for G-spot stimulation is a 'come here' movement. Start by lightly massaging the g-spot and slowly stroke more vigorously until she moans with sheer pleasure.

As the woman reaches g-spot orgasm she may start to breathe harder or firmly grip anything she can get her hands on, and there is a way to make all this even more pleasurable because extensive foreplay is the key to more intense female orgasms. Lengthen your foreplay by a few minutes and it will be worth the investment in time.

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