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Glass dildos FAQs

Glass dildos FAQs

Are glass dildos safe?

Yes they are completely safe. Most glass dildos are made from Borosilicate of which Pyrex is a brand. A properly annealed inch thick piece of Borosilicate can withstand up to 3,000 lbs of pressure and extreme heat and cold so there is absolutely no danger of sudden breakage. Glass sex toys are kiln tempered for as long as 24 hours at extreme temperatures so as to strengthen the Pyrex and make it resilient to temperature changes. You may see small air bubbles in your glass dildo this happens when glass of a different color is worked onto glass of a different color. Air will occasionally get trapped within the glass but this does not in any way weaken a glass dildo and poses no potential problems.

Pyrex glass is amazingly tough, but dropping even toughened glass may occasionally break or crack it - especially on a hard surface such as concrete. If you do see a crack or a chip in your glass dildo you should get rid of it straightaway because it can cause bacteria to build on the cracked surface and could also create cuts or scratches where you least want them. In general, glass is the safest product there is in terms of terms of germs, disease and concerns about hygiene.

Why are glass dildos so expensive?

Erotic glass toys cost more to make than cheaply produced plastic and silicone dildos because they are time consuming, labor intensive products to create. Some of of the more complicate models can take 2-6 hours to form then the piece has to be kilned

Can I heat up or cool down my glass dildo?

It's not advisable, fast temperature changes (from very hot to cold, very cold to very hot) may cause your glass dildo to break. Pyrex is designed to withstand very high temperatures. Even thoGorgeous Glass strongly advises against it.

Why should I choose a glass dildo over any other type of dildo?

Most see-through dildos are individually hand crafted and look as much like works of art as they do sex toys once they are made. Be aware that some models are made from cheaper grade glass Beware of toys that that are made of cheaper glass or maybe even cast by children in China! In glass sex toys, as with anything else, "you get what you pay for" and a good quality Pyrex toughened medical grade glass dildo should last you for many years giving a great deal of pleasure along the way.

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