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The different types of girls' sex toys

The different types of girls' sex toys

Girls' sex toys come as a woman's best friend. For a lot of women, a male is always a perfect choice to reach sexual orgasm. Amazingly, our modern technology has come up with a great replacement for this type of sexual orgasm with sex toys which have become a major necessity for many women these days.

The study about the use of female sex aids affirms what many therapists and doctors have known for a very long time - the use of sex toys among women is common. First and foremost, it is linked to sexual function such as ease of female orgasm and sexual desire not to mention it is rarely associated with any adverse side effects. What makes sex toys even more popular to girls is the availability of different types, each offering a different level of sexual experience and sexual pleasure. Here are the different types of girls' sex toys that are getting more and more popular these days:

  1. Girls' Vibrators - girls' vibrators come in virtually every shape imaginable. You can see classic phallic and straight to more popular rabbit vibrators which combine a rotating shaft with a bunny ear clitoral stimulator and a beaded base. It is also possible to get ergonomically-designed non-phallic sex toys, for clitoral and labial stimulation.
  2. Dildos - dildos are like sex vibrators except that they don't vibrate. Some dildos are designed to be used and fit into a harness for strap-on use. Other dildos come with a suction cap on their base. This allows the user to attach them to a flat surface and then bounce around. There are also other types of dildos that are designed to slide easily inside you. Dildos are supposed to be used only for vaginal stimulation because they don't have a flared base, making them prone to getting stuck when used anally.
  3. Clitoris Stimulators - these women’s erotic toys are generally smaller than a sex vibrator. Clitoris stimulators are available in different styles and one of the most popular is the butterfly clitoris stimulators which can be attached to the body with thigh straps. Another popular type is the non-vibrating clitoris massager which fits easily on the finger. However, this type should only be used with lubricants.

There you go - the different types of sex toys for ladies that are very popular these days. The sexual pleasures provided by these toys are definitely the main reason why women love them!

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