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A girl's sex toy is much more fun when two can play

A girl's sex toy is much more fun when two can play

You know what predictable and tame is, it's the red roses and the box of chocolates, the tired old meal down at your local restaurant, which, by the way, could already be fully booked. You don't only have to play with womens’ erotic toys for things to become extremely sexy and steamy. Why not arrange for a quiet evening in, invite your guy round to your place and have one of these board games ready to lock and load. The evening will heat up a treat, and you might even get valet service with your favorite girl's sex toy.

Advanced Sex Techniques

It's a game of erotic foreplay with over 100,000 potential sex adventures. The spinner decides the adventure you are going to have, moving from foreplay to hotter foreplay to all out bedroom battle scenes where sex positions are dictated by a spin of the wheel.


Lust! is a game for two that gets you all hot and bothered the further you get into it. As you land on various spaces, you select cards and you and your lover have to act out or share romantic and sexual encounters. All roads eventually lead to the bedroom where the winner gets to initiate the love making techniques depicted on the cards. There are over 30,000 possibilities so it could be a long but very rewarding night and uch more interesting than a girl's sex toy for company.

A Hot Affair

Leave the women’s sex aid drawer alone tonight and indulge in A Hot Affair, this game will get you much more worked up than an over spiced curry in the local Indian. The longer you play, the more you'll experience new, exciting, and occasionally hilarious sexy challenges to stimulate and arouse both you and your partner. The game climaxes with being allowed to realize one of the 50 red hot fantasies! It includes over 400 novel and fun ideas with 3 levels of play.

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex!

This game is based on Laura Corn's New York Times Bestselling book of the same name. It promises great sex, twice a week, every week for a year, or sensational sex for one night only- whichever way you want to play it. Bring your favorite sex toys for women and enjoy!

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