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Methods of girl's masturbation - how do girls masturbate?

Methods of girl's masturbation - how do girls masturbate?

Almost all women who masturbate say the same thing about masturbation - it's pleasurable. However, the pleasure comes mainly with the technique or method they employ. There are different ways girls masturbate.

Many women pleasure themselves using clitoral stimulation which is done by using the index or middle finger or both to stimulate the clitoris in little and gentle circular motions. Generally, girls start the process by touching themselves, playing with their breasts, stimulating the nipples, until the fingers reach the clitoris. As the sensation mounts, they can easily bear more intense stimulation when they start playing with their clitoris.

Some girls please themselves by having or putting something in their vagina. They can insert one or two fingers inside their vagina or other objects designed for vaginal penetration. A lot of women these days use vibrators. Especially with the new models and types of vibrators coming out in the market, more and more women are getting attracted to these toys. Just a word of caution, make sure to use your fingers or sex toys specifically designed for this purpose only when you masturbate as there are some women who get into trouble when they use items not specifically designed for vaginal penetration. In addition, you should definitely avoid any item that is breakable and this for obvious reasons. In the recent years, some women have been trying our different things when they masturbate. One of these is the use of an electric toothbrush. This may be pleasant but it could certainly pose harm and damage to the delicate tissues inside the vagina. Whether or not a woman decides to insert anything into her vagina, she would never miss stimulating her clitoris in addition to vaginal stimulation in order to reach female orgasm.

Some girls masturbate simply by playing or rubbing their nipples and breasts. This is especially true for those who are highly-sexed. Some women discover that it's also easy to reach the climax when they squeeze their thighs and legs together, but these women are just a minority.

Some ladies self-pleasure along with a partner. This is called mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is done only when the couple doesn't feel the need to have sex but feel the need for sexual pleasure. It can also be done to preserve virginity or to avoid pregnancy. With all the available methods to masturbate, it becomes a lot easier for girls to achieve sexual pleasure alone.

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