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Girl meets girl sex toy

Girl meets girl sex toy

Sex toys for both men and women have been around as far back as history records, there is evidence of female sex aids in the shape of siltstone dildos dating back at least 30,000 years. In ancient Greece the dildo was a popular girl sex toy used to keep women happy when their men were away fighting battles. But while toys have been around for the longest time, they've often been seen as a perversion. It's only now in more enlightened times that we are discovering that ladies’ sex toys can be fun and educational. They can help you learn to reach orgasm, or get achieve a better orgasm. But what kind of options are out there? Some of the most popular include:

Vibrators - girls' vibrators come in virtually every shape and size imaginable. You can opt for classic phallic designs or the more contemporary rabbit vibrators which combine a rotating shaft with a bunny ear clitoral stimulator and a beaded base. It is also possible to get ergonomically-designed non-phallic sex toys, for clitoral and labial stimulation. For fingertip control there are also erotic female toys which are cleverly designed finger pads you fit over the fingers and they vibrate as the brush across the clitoris or vaginal lips. An amazing turn on either performed solo or with a partner.

Dildos - again, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, Some are now equipped with remote control vibrator that not only penetrate very effectively but vibrate powerfully as they do it. Some dildos are designed to be used and fit into a harness for strap-on use. Other dildos come with a suction cap on their base. This allows the user to attach them to a flat surface and then bounce around. There are also other types of dildos that are designed to slide easily inside. Be careful when using a dildo for anal use because they do not have a flared base, therefore they are liable to become stuck during anal play.

Clitoris Stimulators - these girls' sex toys are generally smaller than a sex vibrator. Clitoris stimulators are available in different styles and one of the most popular is the butterfly clitoris stimulators which can be attached to the body with thigh straps. Another popular type is the non-vibrating clitoris massager which fits easily on the finger. However, this type should only be used with lubricants.

Fucking machines - for some girls only the best will do. This girl sex toy does exactly what it says on the box. You rig it up, plug it in, attach your favorite dildo and it will penetrate you for as long and as fast as you can possibly stand it. There are a number of reliable fucking machines on the market that can either be straddled or enjoyed doggie style anally or vaginally.

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