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Positions to locate and stimulate the g-spot

Positions to locate and stimulate the g-spot

Dr Ernst Grafenburg identified the female “grafenburg spot” in the 1950's, and by the 1980's it had became popularized as the 'g-spot'. Most women feel sensation when the location is properly massaged, but few know much about what it actually is. It's located approximately two inches inside the vaginal opening toward the front near the belly button, and is a bean-shaped, spongy tissue.

The male equivalent of this gland is known as the prostate. Just like the prostate, if properly massaged, the female g-spot will swell with blood and can create incredibly powerful feelings of sexual sensation resulting in orgasm, and even squirting.

The female orgasm spot can be accessed and massaged by placing the forefinger or middle finger inside the vagina and then crooking the finger in a 'come here' motion. It is identified by a rougher patch within the vaginal wall. It's important while doing this to have short clipped and clean fingernails, or ideally wear a latex glove with a little lube. This might sound like a gynecological exam, but with fingers this is the best way to access the spot. Once you find the it, she may react with surprise and pleasure. Here are some positions that can stimulate the location:

  1. From Behind - if you want this special spot to be stimulated, go behind! It could be through the spooning position or the doggy style. Make sure the penis is rubbing against your vagina's front wall and arch your back slightly without putting your head down to the bed. This perfect spot can be stimulated with your hips lifted a little and you and your partner thrusting downwards.
  2. From the Top - for easier stimulation of your climax spot, be on top and be in control. Try the cowgirl position and other variations where you can place your hips in the right angle. Try to lean forward or back as you adjust your pressure and speed to this spot.
  3. Rotate the Right Way - you can do it by laying your back flat straddling your partner and facing away. Lean down carefully until you can grab your partner's ankle and you are lying on top of him. In this position, move up and down, circling your hips in an 8-pattern. This will tighten up your vagina and the penis rubbing motion will provide intense pleasure. You can also stimulate your clitoris in this position to have the best and the pleasure of both worlds.
  4. Fusion - make your partner sit up with his legs stretched out and his arms behind him for support. You should straddle him in a cowgirl position and lean back putting your weight on your arms just behind your body. Try rocking back and forth to hit your wonder spot.It may take you some time and experimenting to locate the magic spot; however, if you really want intense pleasure and satisfaction, locating your wonder spot is a kind of task you won't really mind undertaking.

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