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Two hot, hot, hot g-spot sex toys

Two hot, hot, hot g-spot sex toys

Every woman has a G spot, but not every woman can ejaculate, or squirt. It is estimated that only 10% to 40% of women can experience ejaculation. But perhaps that's because they have not had the right tools for the job, until now. The best g-spot sex toy to make a woman squirt is the Slimline G. This awesome g-spot stimulator is a curved, multi-speed vibrator that is well known for its ability to induce female orgasm and ejaculation.

Though effective, G spot sex toys are not the only toys that can aid in helping a woman to ejaculate. Many women prefer that their men wear one or multiple cock rings. A vibrating ring g-spot sex toy at the base of the penis, as well as one located on the middle of the staff will help a woman to reach orgasm. The cock ring placed on the middle of the penis helps to stimulate the G spot, not only with vibration, but with pressure as well.

Rubbing the clitoris during G spot stimulation also helps to make a woman squirt. This enhances sexual awareness and gets the juices flowing. Once a woman is properly aroused, she can reach orgasm easier. Try a few new toys to find out what really is the best G spot sex toy. You'll have a blast trying out new toys and get a whole lot of pleasure in the process.

Another favorite g-spot massager is the Delight Vibrator - and it really does live up to its name! It offers 8 speed & 3 increasingly stimulating pulse settings, simply operated by fingertip controls.Made by top vibrator-designers, Fun Factory, the Delight Vibrator is one of the most exciting new toys available on the market.

This award winning sex toy (Overall Winner in The UK Sex Toy Awards 2008 / Winner of the Red Dot Design Awards) Delight erotic G-spot toy is a rechargeable, luxury vibrator with an elegant and ergonomic shape that is very good indeed at delivering both G-spot and clit stimulation.

Fully rechargeable, the Delight Vibrator now comes with new Click and Charge Magnetic technology and vibrates for 90 minutes before it needs charging again, making the Delight pure battery-free fun!

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