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The g-spot massage for motor mechanics

The g-spot massage for motor mechanics

Massaging the g-spot is usually considered too technical for most men, and if you are lucky they may just be able to stumble upon the clitoris - but the female g-spot is hidden two inches inside the vagina, so as far as the man is concerned this is 'under the hood' and unfortunately the hood cannot be lifted to take a good look at how g-spot massage should be attempted. So while he can happily change the shocks on a vintage Thunderbird, g-spot stimulation is too hard.

The truth is, in the West, like everything else we do, making love is expected to be fast, efficient and peremptory. This rapid close technique rarely readies a woman emotionally for intercourse. After all what would guys do if you came at their prostates with a rushed and unpracticed hand.

It's a shame because the effects of a good g-spot massage can be a lot more interesting than watching a Thunderbird roaring into life. It all starts with the need to go slowly, carefully and explore. By placing a middle finger inside the vagina towards the front it should be possible two inches inside to detect a rougher spot along the vaginal wall. This is the g-spot. When stroked it will swell with blood and become increasingly pleasurable as it is stroked and gently rubbed.

Unlike fiddling about with the engine under the hood, the fingernails and hands need to be clean and trimmed. The secret spot massage works best in a 'come here' gesture, carefully tapping at the g-spot to stimulate it. This alone can create powerful orgasms for some women, but there is an extra trick which can create incredible orgasms, and is more effective than a new set of shocks. It's not necessarily the easiest thing to apply, but certain gels are designed to temporarily enlarge your g-spot and make it much more sensitive. Once rubbed on the right spot inside you will start to feel the effect as your g-spot starts to pulse.

Lovemaking with g-spot stimulating gel applied can become an incredible experience, thanks to the heightened and aroused g-spot being thoroughly massaged by the penis as it slides in and out.

This effect can lead to wave after wave of incredible orgasms that will keep coming stronger for quite some time. Many women have reported amazing results with a dab of the gel. One in four women have suffered sexual abuse at some point in their life so it is no wonder that the G-spot numbs out and its ability to feel pleasure can be difficult, but effective technique can really get the engine running again.

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