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FAQs about g-spot female ejaculation

FAQs about g-spot female ejaculation

FAQ #1: What is g-spot female ejaculation?

G-spot squirting is the direct result of reaching a g-spot female orgasm. When a woman finally reaches the climax or orgasm, the vagina contracts or experiences spasm. This is when the female ejaculation occurs. There are two forms of ejaculation - one was clear, watery, silk-like fluid flowing in abundance and the other one was almost milky and thicker.

FAQ #2: How can I find my g-spot to make female ejaculation easier and faster?

It's known that ejaculation is achieved when the g-spot is hit. Well, it's not hard to find the g-spot. All you need to do is to slide one finger into your vagina with your palm facing up like you are trying to reach or touch your tummy. Then, hook your finger around in a slightly forward direction. Try to go deeper around 2 to 3 inches and then try to feel a slightly ridged tissue right on the frontal wall. It feels like it's a softer version of your frontal mouth roof. Your g-spot responds very well to the "come here" motion or when you are trying to pull your finger over the area. Make sure to pay close attention to how you are feeling. Try different strokes and don't be afraid to use hard and firm pressure. To experience female squirting ejaculation, try to twist your arm going to a weird position. It may not be exactly comfy but it's really an easy way to ejaculate.

FAQ #3: Why does g-spot female ejaculation feels like pee rather than ejaculating?

When the g-spot swells, it pressures the bladder and the urethra, giving the feeling of a full bladder. This feeling must be surpassed to reach orgasm. Try to go to the loo and pee immediately and do the same thing. If you feel the same sensation, then you can be sure that it's ejaculation that you are experiencing.

FAQ# 4: Will g-spot orgasm make me experience g-spot squirting orgasm?

It might! While all women experience g-spot orgasm, not all experience ejaculation but you are more likely to experience it if:

  1. You are incredibly aroused.
  2. Your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough.
  3. Your g-spot is highly stimulated

FAQ #5: What's the difference between getting wet and experiencing female ejaculation?

Women normally experience lubrication. However, you have to be aware that ejaculation tends to happen fast and it is more likely to occur when you are reaching orgasm.

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