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Male love dolls, a very different kind of female sex toy

Male love dolls, a very different kind of female sex toy

When we think of the female sex toy market we normally think of vibrators and dildos and rabbit toys. But there is also a wide range of male love dolls designed for the woman who wants a man in her life with none of the annoyances that having a real man entails.

Male love dolls are sex objects for women that come in all the stereotypes we associate with hunky, virile men. There is the strapping Latin lover, the well hung black stud, the brave and heroic fireman, the hunky construction worker, even the adoring doctor.

Most of these pleasure toys for women are inflatable dolls equipped with a privates in the shape of a dildo. Once fully inflated the doll can be ridden in any way the girl chooses, but whereas it is easy for guys to envisage they are pumping away with a hot and horny babe, it is more difficult for women to relate to a doll that is inanimate and uncaring about her sexual needs. For women, sex is much more of an emotional experience, and with a male love doll, the emotion simply isn't there.

That's why male love dolls normally end up being the female sex toy that is chosen as part of a hen night to make other girls laugh, rather than to truly turn any girl on. They will forever be at the jokey end of the adult novelty market. So if there was any truth to the idea that ladies’ pleasure toys such as love dolls come alive as in Toy Story once their mistress is not around, they are in for a lifetime of disappointment, as most women are not likely to form any attempt at a relationship with a male love doll in the way men are able to do with highly realistic female love dolls.

This could be one reason why there are no ultra high quality and expensive male love dolls whereas there are several such female love dolls.

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