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On the trail of the female orgasm g-spot

On the trail of the female orgasm g-spot

Female orgasm g-spot, once identified, can easily achieve the most amazing orgasms. When the female erogenous zones are thoroughly explored many women reach orgasm even during foreplay. The spot is located approximately two inches inside the vaginal opening toward the front near the belly button, and is a bean-shaped, spongy tissue. In truth, it's not particularly easy to identify along the anterior wall, but feels like rather like a rough spot in comparison to the smoothness of the rest of the vaginal wall.

A woman’s climax g-spot can be accessed and massaged by placing the forefinger or middle finger inside the vagina and then crooking the finger in a 'come here' motion. When stimulated and rubbed it swells with blood and starts to produce strong sexual sensations that build in waves. This is the approach of the female multiple orgasm. Female orgasm g-spot stimulation is more easily achieved when the female erogenous zones are handled with some knowledge of the female anatomy.

Ancient cultures it seems, knew what we've only recently discovered. As early as the 4th century B.C., writings have been found that speak of the distinction between a woman's "red and white fluid". In the 20th century, it was a commonly held view that women were incapable of feminine climax g-spot sensations except by clitoral manipulation. Even legendary sex researchers Masters & Johnson believed a woman's clitoris was the only source of female pleasure, even though many women have found that to be far from the truth.

It was Dr. Ernst Grafenburg who identified the spot in the 1950's, and by the 1980's it had became popularized as the 'g-spot'. Most women feel sensation when the female g-spot is properly massaged, but few know much about what the g-spot is. The male equivalent of this gland is known as the prostate. Just like the prostate, if properly massaged, the female g-spot will swell with blood and can create incredibly powerful feelings of sexual sensation resulting in orgasm, and even squirting.

It's important while doing massaging a woman’s climax button to have short clipped and clean fingernails, or ideally wear a latex glove with a little lube.

One of the few compensations of growing older is that the spot is actually easier to locate and stimulate as the thick lining of the woman thins with age. This could be why many women aged 40 and over often claim that they enjoy the best sex of their lives. It's a sign that this area is more susceptible to stimulation and much easier to find. And surely, that can only be a good thing.

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