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Top 10 Female Masturbation Techniques

Top 10 Female Masturbation Techniques

No matter what you think about it, female masturbation exists and females do it as much as their male counterparts do. While women do not always feel the urgency to do it, there are definitely periods when they experience sexual arousal, especially during the stage of puberty. In fact, women experience more physical and emotional fantasies; thus, the environment and mood can play an important role for them to enjoy masturbating. This is why some women exercise some techniques to make the experience of masturbating more fun and satisfying. If you want to know some female self-pleasure techniques, read on.

  1. Clitoral Stimulation - this technique involves placing the forefinger and thumb on the side of the clitoris and gently rolling it between fingers.
  2. Spell the Word Orgasm - this technique involves using the fingers to trace or spell the word 'orgasm' across the clitoris.
  3. Clitoral Circling - it involves placing two fingers directly on the clitoris then rubbing around in a circular motion.
  4. The Dual Stimulation - this involves using one hand to gently insert two fingers inside the vagina and using the other hand to tap or rub on the clitoris.
  5. The Bath Tub Method - this involves using the hands to hold the genitals and breasts for masturbatory pleasure.
  6. The Shower Head Method - this female masturbation technique involves using the shower heads to direct the water flow onto the body's erogenous zones.
  7. Orgasm Through Bottle - this involves lying on a tub half-filled with comfortably warm water and using an empty bottle with a nozzle being rubbed to the clitoris.
  8. The Water Pleasure Method - if you have an available hot tub or Jacuzzi, feeling the jets of warm water can definitely give a masturbating pleasure.
  9. The Pillow Method - this involves sitting on a cushion or pillow and rocking the hips back and forth to directly stimulate the clitoris.
  10. The Leg Rubbing Method - some women feel sexual pleasure from rubbing their legs.

The most important thing to keep in mind in feminine self-pleasure is that it has to be done only to have fun and to become comfortable and relaxed with your own body. Each woman is unique; thus, you shouldn't be surprised if there are some female self-touching techniques that will work well for you but not for others. Experiment with different styles and you'll surely find one that's right and pleasurable for you. This will not only help you improve the act of masturbating, but you will realize later that it will help you become a better partner because you know how it is to feel pleasure and satisfaction.

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