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Female masturbation tips to make you lick your lips

Female masturbation tips to make you lick your lips

Watch how I do it

Here's a top female masturbation pointer to make the guy in your life go instantly gaga. Invite him to watch you masturbate with your favorite vibrator. There's a dual benefit to this tip, he'll love watching you play with yourself, and at the same time he'll gain an important education some on how it should be done. After you've finished tell him it's his turn to take to the floor.

Mid month moment

They say the 14th day of your menstrual cycle is when you sex drive is at its hottest, so for this female self-pleasure idea, why not put a discreet vibrator in your purse and take a beautifully satisfying 'natural' break. You'll have a smile on your face big enough to make everyone think you've won the lottery.

Cum dine with me

Turn the tables on your guy in the most horny way possible with this cheeky female masturbation tip. Invite him out for dinner, and after the first course, excuse yourself and head for the bathroom. Then send him a text telling him you're so incredibly turned on you had to go and take things in hand right there and then. He'll be so turned on he'll have paid the check before you get back to the table.

Orgasmic fabrics

As you play and please yourself, try a variety of different fabrics. It could be leather, silk, a blusher brush, feathers, or coarser fabrics like cotton knit.

Reflect on this

Wearing only a pair of thigh high leather 'fuck me' boots masturbate brazenly in front of a full-length mirror. Watch your facial expressions as the big O comes in waves. Then stand by for a leg-bucklingly brilliant climax.

Text massage

Send your lover a text message of you butt naked and playing with yourself. This feminine pleasure technique will melt his cell phone screen - but whatever you do, don't send it to your Mom by mistake.

Beat around the bush

This tip is all about taking your own sweet time. Run your favorite vibrator languidly over your nipples, your tongue, your inner thigh, allowing the pleasure to build until you can bear it no longer.

Lost for words

Create your own hot fantasy story on our computer. Don't leave out any horny details, then share your hot tale of with your partner or save it for your next solo encounter.Road test some or all of these sensational female masturbation tips and watch your sex life start to sizzle.

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