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Why women aren't encouraged to practice female masturbation techniques

Why women aren't encouraged to practice female masturbation techniques

There are many women who have never experienced the pleasure of a fully fledged orgasm, and this could be down to poor female masturbation techniques and not knowing what to do. Using these techniques effectively is a great way to achieve orgasm, but many women are either afraid to fully explore the full range of possibilities, or have bought into the culture that says masturbating for women is wrong, 'sluttish' and inappropriate. In fact, research shows women have the same potential as men to experience desire, pleasure, arousal, orgasm, and achieving sexual satisfaction. So why is there a double standard about female self-pleasure methods and why are men seen as being far more sexual than women?

History tells the sorry tale. In the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries Western Europe went through a time known as the Reformation. The Catholic church became deeply divided as more and more motivated and literate people began to realize that the Roman Catholic church was corrupt and heretical. From these divisions came a more radical interpretation of human sexuality. You can take it as read that the Puritans had absolutely no time for female masturbation techniques. Their view was that sex was strictly between a married man and woman and even then only for procreation.

These puritanical views were transported wholesale to the New World often at the end of a sword or gun because the puritans were not universally popular. Much of the original settling of what is now the United States was done by the Puritans. Many of them were in the founding government of the nation and helped to create its laws and lay down the modern day values and beliefs. Feminine self pleasure was seen as sinful. A woman was not supposed to enjoy sex, much less indulge in these practices.

This is how it began, and to a large extent, this is how the belief and the stigma has continued, because narrow thinking is passed on from generation to generation. If you're still getting tied up in the myths and stereotypes surrounding women and their sexuality, then you are still stuck in a puritanical time warp and it's time to take matters in hand. The number of female self-pleasure techniques is limited only by your imagination.

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