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Understanding female masterbation more

Understanding female masterbation more

Female masterbation is women's way of stimulation themselves in a sexual way even without a partner. This act can either be done by hand or with the help of sex toys. Such stimulation leads to female orgasm. Men start masturbating at a young age but women start doing it at a late age. In addition, even when a woman has already started doing it, she doesn't tend to do it as frequent as men and boys do.

A lot of people have a lot of speculations about why female self-pleasure is not as frequent as male masterbation but most of these people agree that the frequency is related to the basic sex drive. It is indeed possible that the sex drive of an average young man is greater than that of a young woman. One reason is that the fluctuating hormones of a woman mean that her sex desires constant and frequent. Another reason for this is the sexual apparatus of a woman is internal, making it hard to discover and explore. The sex organs are not so visible that is why women have always been brought up to be secretive and modest about their bodies. Nevertheless, a lot of women these days enjoy masterbation prior to having experienced intercourse or love play with a partner.

Is Female Masterbation Good?

In the past, young girls were always told that it is immature to masturbate and that girls should not get too engrossed on it. Most sex experts regard this belief as non-sense. Even doctors, counselors, and clinicians working in this field believe that women should learn and discover her sexual response by masturbation, and that she can use whatever she discovered with her partner. Thus, self-touching for women is not something that is shameful and immature. It is something that normal women do. They have the option to reserve it for the time they feel like doing it or they can also do it regularly. In fact, even women in relationships can do it, alone or with their partners.

Self stimulation for women can also be done for other reasons. Some do it to ease the abdominal cramps experienced during their menstrual periods. Others do it to release their stress as masterbation is said to be an effective stress reliever. Whatever the reason females who masturbate have, in the end, all of them agree that masturbating gives them great self-pleasure and it's really the best way to explore and discover their sensuality.

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