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Do you know where your female g-spot is?

Do you know where your female g-spot is?

So where is the female g-spot? It is located approximately 1.5 to 3 inches on the upper wall inside the vagina. When a woman is aroused, it's almost as large as a walnut except that it is a little longer. Its position makes it hard for a lot of women to touch it with finger although a mate can feel it by inserting 1 or 2 fingers after the woman is aroused.

The hand's palm should be facing up if the woman is lying on her back and should be facing down if she is lying on her front. Finding this spot should be a lot easier on the latter position. The partner can feel the spot with 1 or 2 fingers. It feels like a small lump along the vaginal wall and feels somewhat bumpy and a little rougher compared to the other areas surrounding the vaginal wall.

The female g-spot is a mass of paraurethral glands, glandular tissues and nerves. This area lies between the vagina and the urethra and is not considered as an actual part of the vagina. It cannot be easily noticed; however, as a woman is aroused, the area swells, thereby making it easier to feel it from the wall of the vagina.

Once the g-spot has been located or touched, you can stimulate it by massaging your fingers into it in small circles or by performing the come hither motion. Initial g-spot stimulation often causes a woman to feel the sudden need to urinate. This sudden feeling will soon pass and will be replaced by arousing and pleasant feelings.

While all women can easily feel this area being stimulated, the response of each woman varies. There are some women who can reach female orgasm from grafenberg spot stimulation alone while others cannot. Some women can have strong female orgasms from combined clitoral and g-spot stimulation while some women feel more pleasure and could easily reach powerful female orgasm when they are having a sexual intercourse in positions that can stimulate the area. However, there are some women who are not easily stimulated in any of these ways.

The most popular positions for women’s special spot stimulation are the doggie-style position and woman-on-top position. The doggie-style sex position allows a woman to choose from different positions to reach the alignment she desires while the woman-on-top sex position allows the woman to properly align herself to place maximum pressure on the female orgasm trigger spot.

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