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Discovering your female ejaculation g spot

Discovering your female ejaculation g spot

Even when there are sex lessons in school, the tendency is to focus on the reproductive side of the deal rather than the sexual. Little if anything is mentioned about the female ejaculation g-spot and how it is the most powerful experience in a woman's sexual experience. It should come as no surprise that it is not routinely taught in schools. Since medieval times the establishment t view has always been that sex is something that should be learned in school, but not practiced for something as self indulgent as sexual pleasure.

Many women marry have kids and still don't know that tucked away inside the vagina just a couple of inches inside along the front anterior wall is a female ejaculation g-spot the size of a small walnut that if identified and massaged correctly can bring about the most incredible feelings of pleasure imaginable.

In fact many women who experience the sensation of a woman’s squirting g-spot orgasm are stunned to find themselves ejaculating a liquid they had no idea was there. It can literally spurt several inches and the feeling when it happens is powerful and the earth really does appear to move.

This is a Meg Ryan moment from 'When Harry Met Sally'. If you don't know what this refers to you can always watch the movie. It's a moment when feelings of powerful orgasmic waves ride through your body and everybody would like to have some of what you are having.

To achieve it takes a little patience because identifying the little g-spot is not always easy. In younger women the thick lining of the woman can hide the g-spot quite well. Over time the lining recedes some and the g-spot can become easier to reach and massage. It could be one reason why older women report that they find sex to be more satisfying past the age of 40 than they did when they were younger.

If you want to experiment with female squirting g-spot orgasm , a good quality sex toy such as a vibrator r a dildo is a great way to start. Get into a relaxed frame of mind, massage yourself in other areas first to warm yourself up then let the dildo explore first your clit then inside you and you will start to feel the pleasure as the vibes hammer away at your g-spot. A partner can also do this with fingers but make sure that the fingers are clean and the nails well trimmed.

If you are patient and receptive you will quickly know when you have reached the right female ejaculation trigger spot.

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