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An awesome introduction to female anal masturbation

An awesome introduction to female anal masturbation

As with most women, female anal masturbation was a definite no-no with my wife. She made it quite clear from the start that female anal play was a taboo subject and any anal sex was strictly off limits. Well, one night during foreplay as she lay on her tummy, I was busy fingering her pussy. I suddenly decided to go for it. I leant forward, parted her legs and started to lick her anus. This was breaking the golden rule but it was something I had always wanted to try so I was prepared to put up with all the usual complaints. I was expecting her to attempt to cover her ass as I continued to kiss her but to my surprise she was responding to my female anal stimulation techniques by pulling herself up on to her knees and bending right over, ass in the air as I licked her anus more. I quickly leaned over to my bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of strawberry flavored lube she all too rarely uses when I beg her to blow me. I squeezed a fat globule of it onto her asshole and prodded it gently with my finger, feeling her sphincter muscles start to relax and become receptive to my probing. Then I started to push my tongue further in to her. Strawberry flavored ass kissing, what a technique I had just invented!

I continued in this way for around 5 minutes, my palate tasting strawberry dessert. She was moaning and groaning with every flick of my tongue. I took some more of the lube I had been using and gently re-lubed her pert little anus. I used plenty of it and slowly and very gently proceeded to the next stage of my master plan: I slid my index finger inside her anus, just a little at first. I was expecting the big 'no way' but instead she begged me to shove the whole finger in there. Let me tell you, the sucking noises as I pulled in and out of her puckered hole were just exquisite. She was moaning and breathing so heavily, and her hips were bucking as I pushed in and out. She was actually trying to get my finger to go in deeper. After another squeeze of lube and she was hungry for me to insert two fingers.

By now my female anal masturbation technique had her fully aroused and she was moving faster, banging her butt cheeks on my hand. I used my other hand to rub and finger her clit and she went crazy, pulling at the bed sheets and shouting in a way I had not heard her do before. She had a powerful orgasm and fell back on the bed, bright red with panting. And then, just as I was ready for sex she fell asleep in my arms.

Sometime later I had drifted off myself. I was awoken by an unusual but delightful sensation. Something I did not get to experience nearly as much as I would like. It was my wife blowing me with a lot of enthusiasm, and the ensuing sex was fantastic. The next time we had sex I did the same as before except this time I penetrated her and let's just say she was screaming a lot of very rude but encouraging words. One thing's for sure; she doesn't say no to female ass play anymore.

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