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Role Playing and Rabbit Vibrators Fantasy Fun and Games

Role Playing and Rabbit Vibrators Fantasy Fun and Games

If you are woman who has more than one lover in her lifetime, itís for certain that each one of these experiences were different and perhaps there is an experience that you would like to have that you have yet to have the pleasure. Well one of the best ways to really flex your sexual imagination is to bring some of your best sex encounters out of your memory bank and relive them using a variety of Ladygasm toys.

Sounds interesting? A little bit kinky? Maybe just a little wild? Isnít that what sex is all about? Go on and give your psyche some time out to play. You have more than enough stimuli to create the mood and with the quality sex toys from Ladygasm all thatís left to do is decide which rabbit vibrators you want to use and which fantasy lover they will be. The G-spot Rabbit massagers could easily fit the character of that lover who just knew how to reach your secret spot and have orgasm pouring out of you. The Ladygasm Motorized Rabbit Pump with its fabulous thrusting action might do nicely for remembering that lover who really had his act together in this department.

Add in a few of your favorite sex films, some music and whatever else gets you in the mood and get ready to experience a very satisfying masturbations session. If you are receptive to new ideas then you can try even more variations on your sexy fantasy theme.

Rabbit Vibrators in the Sexual Fantasy of Secret Erotic Desires

Every woman has a certain way she thinks about sexual activities; some women have never tried anal sex while others canít live without it. A mťnage a trois is a very common fantasy that is held close to the sexual heart of women and men alike, but while men often have no qualm about pursuing the two women and one man fantasy, women tend to blush at the idea of being sexed by two men at the same time.

Ladygasm has more than vibrating rabbit toys that can be a neat little workaround that fits right into to this fantasy; the Ladygasm Flex can be your willing object of desire to fulfill this erotic pleasure quest. Designed with a suction cup base you can place it where you will and then use your choice of another vibrator to make the dynamic duo come to life.

Of course if your partner is on the scene things could get really interesting given the capabilities of these two fantastic sex toys; if they are up to some erotic fun and games you can explore your partnerís wild side as well.

But for a solo erotic journey you have enough sex toys to have a literal orgy of excitement; beside the vibrators already mentioned there is the Anal Explorer, the Ladygasm Flux and the Surprise Turbo that are ready to zoom you off to ecstasy. Or you could use the Orgasm Accelerator and the Super Bullet along with the Rose Vibrator and Ladygasm Brian dildo if you really want to go all out for the ultimate sex toy indulgence.

Exploring your secret fantasies with sex toys is not only a lot of fun in the bedroom it gives you plenty of sexy memories to daydream about when the routine of the day gets to be a bit boring.

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