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Mutual Masturbation Awakens the Senses to Physical Pleasure

Mutual Masturbation Awakens the Senses to Physical Pleasure

One of the most common events of growing up as a child is the discovery of the body in general and especially the genitals. The sensations that touching this area of the body produces are quite amazing when first experienced. In this sense what is now called masturbation starts at a very young age, from all accounts as early as in infancy.

During childhood it is the friendships that form that have the strongest affect on a child’s behavior outside of their parents. Normally this is the period of time when a child meets the person that becomes their best friend for life and shares their first sexual experience with them. But in childhood, a person has no real concept of the adult understanding of sex or masturbation; they are simply aware that when they touch their body in certain places they experience the pleasant sensation. There is no hidden agenda; a child simply is curious about their body and how it works.

Mutual masturbation is one of the activities that best friends often share as they continue the exploration of their body discovering the different feelings and emotions that are the result of touching their body in certain ways. When they begin to experience them with another person, and understand that their best friend also experiences the same type of feelings and that they can make another person experience these sensations by touching them, it opens up a completely new world of possibilities for the child. For the most part the idea of sex as defined by society is not the focus; the only thing in their mind is their affection for their friend.

Adult Mutual Masturbation is Highly Under Rated as an Erotic Experience

It is through this shared self-pleasure experience that most people begin to understand the power of their sexuality and the strength of their emotions. Here is where the experience of sexual attraction and the development of attachment emotionally begin to take shape and a different dimension of love begins to evolve. It is also at this point in time than most people begin to understand that their experience with their best friend is something that they must keep private.

In many ways partner masturbating forms the foundation of future sexual activity and quite often it is these initial sexual experiences that become the treasured memories when a person enters adulthood and maturity. At the time when their experiences take place there is no understanding of the connection between their activity and the adult world reality.

In fact, even though a young person may hear many different pieces of information from their parents, the meaning of words being said to them in the context of what the adults are thinking is not understood. The way society views masturbation and the connection of the words “sex” and “masturbation” to the feelings they experience with their best friend doesn’t become clear to them until well after their teenage years which in most cases is a very long time after they first experience masturbation themselves or reciprocal masturbation with their best friend. Once the label of masturbation is applied to these activities, a child begins to use this filter to view their experience.

It is quite usual for this practice to continue throughout the teenage years and sometimes through young adulthood as well if the people who are best friends remain in close contact with each other. When this is the case as these two people mature they are then faced with the challenge of dealing with the sexual labels from society for their enjoyment of all forms of self-pleasure.

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