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Double the challenge with brutal double dildos

Double the challenge with brutal double dildos

A lot of people know that a double dildo consists of a long shaft that comes with 2 phallic heads on either end. What a lot of people don't know is that there is a small minority of girls with a fetish for what are known as brutal double dildos. These are dildos of extremely impressive proportions, some of them the size and length of a truncheon, some as wide in circumference as a soft drinks can, and up to 18 inches or more in length. These behemoths of the female sex toy world can be inserted - with pain and difficulty, into the vagina and the anus at the same time. Just as climbing Mount Everest represents a feat of human endurance, inserting one of these double dildos represents a feat of human penetration.

Ironically, some of the girls most capable of inserting these mammoth double dildos are slight in build. Part of the technique to inserting large objects, particularly in the vagina, is the ability to spread the hips wide, and with the suppleness some of the smaller ladies have, this enables them to open wide and insert a dildo that could almost double as a hat stand.

Of course some double dildos are designed to be inserted not just into one vagina, but two, sharing with a partner. The best position to achieve this and ride the double dildo is in the doggie style position. But with the girth of some of the brutal double dildos, feeding the dildo into the vagina of two girls is easier said than done, and definitely requires a good supply of lube.

Some girls like to take things to even greater extremes and go for world record breaking double dildos the circumference of a baby's head, which are inserted into the vagina and into the anus to create the fullest feeling imaginable. Some of these feats are shown on disturbing X rated websites for the edification of certain men who are turned on by the sight of brutal doubles dildos causing pain and discomfort to women.

Brutal double dildos come with their fair share of health risks. First there is the dual insertion of a dildo into the anus and the vagina, which can spread infection if not carefully sterilized after use. Second, with repeated use there is a very real danger of permanently damaging the sphincter muscles or tearing the anus or the vagina. For that reason, brutal double dildo sex is not recommended.

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