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The fascinating history of dildos

The fascinating history of dildos

Many people believe that dildos are a recent phenomenon and were introduced just a few decades ago. This is because people in the modern generation perceive dildo as a penis-shaped object with built-in electronic circuitry that causes its head to vibrate. It is the vibration that provides thrill and pleasure to the user.

However, if you check your ancient history, you will discover that phallic-shaped objects made out of wood or leather were already used by the ancient Greeks as early as 3BC. In fact, if you would scrutinize the ancient cave drawings, you would see that women’s sex toys have been around since the mankind's evolution. However, the dildo used in the old days was unsafe and crude. We owe our present-day dildo to scientific and technological advancements.

Until a few years back, the dildo was only a small piece of plastic casing shaped like a phallus with a built-in rotating head and electric motor. The motor power and head rotation was caused by the pair of electric cells inside. The rotating head caused vibration to pass on to the dildo's walls to provide the user with a thrilling sensation. Again, compared to the dildos we use today, these old-fashioned sex toys were quite crude and some of them even had sharp edges that could seriously harm the soft walls of the vagina.

The whole scenario is completely different now. There are now a wide variety and selection of female pleasure toys. The current generations of these sex toys are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They also now come in different hues, materials, and styles to provide more fun, thrills, and sensations.

More modern ladies penetration toys even offer women a dual treat option. From the simple vibration the old-fashioned sex toys provided comes more current versions that boast of a head that does not only vibrate but also moves in forward and backward directions. There are even models that allow a user to try the extreme through their built-in ball pump and tank. The tank stores a fluid with semen consistency and is attached to the ball pump which when pressed allows the fluid to come out of the object to emulate ejaculation. We've got more years ahead of us and no one knows how much more our present-day dildo would advance!

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