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Derive Sexual Pleasure from Using the Hitachi Wand

Derive Sexual Pleasure from Using the Hitachi Wand

The Hitachi wand is an electric powered muscle massager, which comes from a general electrical appliance manufacturing company from Japan. It has been in the market for about thirty years now with its original intent being to help people massage their tissues after long days of work without the help of a second party. However, people noticed that they could use the vibrating capability of the device for sexual pleasure.

It has a soft rubber head that is 2.5 inches wide, which is connected to the vibrating body via a flexible neck. You can have incorporations added to the vibrator after purchasing it and they include the vibration rate control device, which is used to increase or lower the vibration modes. With a maximum of 6000 rpm the device is considered as being really powerful and way beyond other vibrators.

The Hitachi sex toy gained popularity as a sex toy when porn stars begun using it for stimulation. It is held to the vulva area and can be used to give sensations both to the clitoris and to the vaginal opening. For the guys, you can use the wand to stimulate the testicles or the anal opening, which makes the device a unisex erotic utility. On some of the sex prescriptions given by physiatrists, women were advised to use such a device if they wanted to improve their arousal rate and discover their G-spot areas more easily.

The Hitachi Wand: A Sex Toy In Disguise

The attachments that you cab get after you make the purchase of the Hitachi massager also include a G-spotter, which is curved just to suit clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Its powerful vibrations have given it the reputation of the speediest device to use when you want to achieve quick and multiple orgasms. When using it as a sex toy, you can have the pleasure either alone or with a partner.

For those who have been looking for a great sexual device, which comes as an undercover and is easily portable, the Hitachi massager is the kind of device to get. Since its shape and design is basically meant for the tissue massage, no one will really get the notion that you are in possession of a sex toy in your hand bag. The plastic material is also light weight and easy to handle.

With the lubricant applied on erogenous areas where you need the simulation, the device has become an intimate product people won’t like to leave behind. You can also have the pleasurable vibrations for a nice warm up if you put the soft stud on sensitive areas like the breast and the nipples just for foreplay. However, it is important to note that the device should not be used for penetration under any circumstances.

You will be enjoying many benefits with the Hitachi wand and most probably to mention the multiple orgasms, which are the greatest consideration when one is making the purchase of a sex toy. Most of the people prefer it due to its powerful vibrations but some of the greatly sensitive women may want to have them indirect if they are too strong for them. As a dual purpose device, you will be making a nice investment instead of buying a massager and a vibrator separately.

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