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Innovative and unusual clitoral stimulators

Innovative and unusual clitoral stimulators

Clitoral stimulation is one of the key ways to induce earth shattering orgasms in women - hardly surprising when you consider that there are over 8000 nerve endings packed into the clitoris. There are dozens upon dozens of clitoris toys on the market. Here is a brief overview on some of the more innovative and unusual toys to reach the market in recent years:

Clit Lick

The Clit Lick is designed to stroke the clitoris and take a woman all the way up to the point of orgasm. It clips onto the finger, you twist it to vibrate and stroke away. It's best to start this clitoral stimulator with small and simple licking actions and increase the movements to make it more intense. The tongue is made from real feel material and is gently stippled for extra sensitivity.

Wild Swan

This is a beautiful blue colored sex toy. The wild Swan is a new concept toy that not only stimulates the clitoral area but can also be used internally too.

The specially designed shape of this clit massage toy gives pleasure both while inserting and withdrawing. The clitoral stimulator part is covered with soft nubs and again and the shape has been designed to cup the clitoris for maximum stimulation on and around the area.

Discretion Clitoral Vibe

This sleek black vibe could easily and unobtrusively slip in your purse and no one would be any the wiser it's a device for clitoral stimulation. It's a tapered vibe that can travel everywhere.You can use this sex toy in the bath or the shower as it's fully waterproof. The handsome aluminum base has a very easy to use twist on/off system.

Platypus Teaser

This has to be the only sex toy in the world shaped as a platypus. It's a soft and pliable duck bill shaped clitoral stimulator you can use to stroke and caress your clitoris for as long as you please...Made from soft jelly material, the Platypus Teaser comes with a multi speed bullet that you can use on its own, or inserted into the Platypus.

Pocket Queen

The Pocket Queen as the name suggests slips easily into your pocket and provides a powerful vibe from a soft but bulbous head. It's easy to hold and easy to be very accurate while guiding to your most intimate and responsive zones.

Perfect Anchor

This anchor shaped clitoral vibrator provides satisfying G-Spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation as well as anal pleasure all at the same time. The bulbous head of the Perfect Anchor fits into the g-spot while soft yet firm nodules rub on and against the clitoris while the rear probe pokes away at the anus.

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