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Clitoral stimulation methods that will give her godly orgasms

Clitoral stimulation methods that will give her godly orgasms

Most men when pleasuring a woman tend to use a method that isn't at all effective and tends to cause women more of a discomfort rather than pleasure. Here are a few pointers to make her scream for more and make her worship you. A word of warning about clit massage technique: you should avoid making direct contact with the clitoris, this is important, work your way around it until she is properly aroused. Here is a short analogy, the clitoris is the same as a penis, it's a nerve centre that needs to be worked up. Therefore the more aroused she is, the more blood flows into it. Wait until she is properly aroused before initiating any clitoris-focused techniques.

Here are some clitoral stimulation methods to try: the fastest way to bring her to an orgasm is to use your tongue to draw lines from the top of her clitoris down to her labia and then retracting the tongue back up to the other side. During this, your woman becomes more horny, then begin a circular movement and after that work your way up and down. While performing the sweet art of cunnilingus remember to hit the labia. Take the labia gently sucking them while allowing them to gently slip out. By this point the little lady is stimulated properly and it is time to make direct contact with the source of pleasure (the clitoris). Use the tip of your tongue to move the clitoris sleeve up to better reveal it. Occasionally you can let it slip into your mouth a great way to spice up your clit stimulating procedure.

This method is guaranteed to make your lady want more of you. Once you have mastered the art of cunnilingus you have a other ace up your sleeve.

It is true that men are known for not being able to last long in bed. However this leaves a lot of women conflicted and frustrated. What they should understand is that men are made to be this way for reproductive reasons. But now and then there are some things that they could do to give you more pleasure. Because most men can't really last long there is a secret. A woman becomes aroused and more predisposed to orgasms after about 10 minutes. The advised position to use for clitoral stimulation methods is missionary, because the pubic bone will be grinding against the clitoris, this will be necessary to generate climaxes. If your motion of the ocean isn't a good way to do it, just focus on grinding against it. This will make her nuts.

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