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More Options Available to Women for an Exciting Sexual Lifestyle

More Options Available to Women for an Exciting Sexual Lifestyle

Recently in a conversation with my soon to be 21 year old niece, she told me about an incident that happened to her when she attended a community house for teenagers not too long ago. This activity house is geared for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 in New York City. My niece told me that many of the teenagers there are openly gay or lesbian and while she does not have a problem with this, her sexual preference is heterosexual. My niece told me that she was approached by a group of teenagers and criticized for her choice of sexual lifestyle.

For my niece her question was: donít I have a right to choose my sexual orientation? The answer to this question was yes, but her experience was very troubling to me because I remember just a few short years ago this was the same treatment that gay and lesbian individuals protested against.

In the 20th century, a personís choice was pretty much determined by their gender and individuals who choose to live contrary to this accepted society guideline faced a lot of persecution. Personally I believe that everyone has a right to choose their sexual preference and that itís a private matter. But even though we are now in the 21st century, not everyone thinks the way I do and many people canít accept liberal ideas, or they can accept it until it is a member of their own family.

Resolving Internal Issues Honestly the Key to a Happy Sexual Lifestyle

Making a conscious decision about your sexual choices is part of being an adult and requires a lot of honesty. As adults every day we face the challenge of making choices that affect our lives; where we live, what we eat and wear. We also must make conscious decisions about our relationships with people including our sexual relationships.

In choosing an alternative lifestyle you should be clear on your motivations and fully understand the environment and the community you have chosen. From the experience that my niece had it makes me wonder how many teenagers are giving into peer pressure rather than make their own decision.

There are some people who believe that a relationship with a person of the same sex will be easier to manage than a relationship with a person of the opposite sex. However no matter the gender of the person, it is the life experiences, education and attitudes that are most important in a relationship. Lesbian and gay couples can fall victim to the same negative relationship patterns that cause the breakdown of heterosexual relationships. Your choice should should be based on the companionship qualities that are compatible with your personality.

I have also found that within the relationship itself, the way two people express intimacy can also cause problems when it involves an alternative sexual paradigm such as submission and dominance. Again honesty is the key rather than being pressured to do something because it may currently be in style.

Having the freedom to choose whom you love regardless of gender, religion or race to most people is the natural order of things, however there are many factors and conditions that affect your ability to exercise this right. If you choose a lesbian, bisexual or gay orientation you will encounter a wide range of reactions including a calm acceptance of your choice.

Not everyone will agree with your decision however every person has a right to their own opinion. Be strong and stand your ground and you will be able to navigate through difficult situations and remain emotionally stable. Keep in mind that you cannot control anyone but yourself and be prepared to live to the fullest regardless of any individuals who may disagree with your decision.

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