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What is a butt plug?

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a type of sex toy inserted in the rectum and in the anus for sexual pleasure. It may be used by both men and women of any sexual orientation.

A flared anal toy looks like a dildo except that it is shorter and has a flared end to prevent it from getting stuck inside the rectum. Unlike the vagina which has cervix closure, the rectum directs to the sigmoid colon; thus, anything inserted into it has the potential to travel up to the bowel. This can be prevented by the flared end on this sex toy. Additionally, the lower bowel located above the rectum can be perforated easily. This is the main reason why these anal toys are shorter than dildos. The size range also varies in circumference. This sex toy should also be smooth to avoid causing damage to the bowel or rectum.

To insert a butt plug into the rectum, it needs to have a round-ended cone that narrows to the waist which functions by locating itself at the anal sphincter. Its outer flared part prevents the device from slipping further. The muscles in the anal sphincter hold the plug by the waist to prevent it from slipping out. For activities that involve anal penetration, sexual lubricants and a gentle approach must be used to insert or remove this sex toy.

For hygienic purposes and to allow the easy disposal of feces the device may come in contact with, a bulbous anal toy must be covered by a condom. This sex toy should also not be shared with others as this could be a method of spreading blood-borne diseases, such as HIV.

An anal plug toy is also not confined to be used for anal stimulation. It may also be used to stimulate the vagina, rectum, and mouth but this is an unsanitary way to perform sexual stimulation unless some hygienic practices are followed, such as cleaning with alcohol, covering the toy with a condom, or covering the vagina with a plastic wrap. It's not good to not take any hygienic measures or practices since it is easy to pass the fecal matter to other body parts, thereby causing infections, sickness, and other diseases. Though the use of this sex toy may pose some ill side effects, the sexual thrill and pleasure it provides is more that a lot of users are still willing to take the risk.

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